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If you haven’t figured it out by now, your biggest strides in your success with women will come from the very minor abstract changes you make that have nothing to do with your “game”. As I’ve stated before, you don’t need a lot of game or insane conversation skills to pick up women. You simply need to examine the things that have nothing to do with the actual words you say. And today, we’re going to discuss the importance of planning ahead of time.

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 How to be successful with women
Almost all of you go out with no game plan in mind. You just figure that you’ll go out and see where the night takes you. The problem with this? When you’re talking to a girl, your conversation just goes wherever, you waste valuable time, and you really don’t know how you’re going to set up a date, take her home, or kiss her. I oftentimes made this mistake in the past. However, while examining my past documentation of my outings, I noticed something. When I knew what my intentions were, and how I was going to go about doing it, my success rate skyrocketed versus the times when I didn’t really have a game plan. (And by the way, every guy hoping to be greatly successful with women needs some kind of consistent documentation to study).

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 Bringing women home
In an example, when I told my friends that I planned on bringing women home, I didn’t waste time on women who had no intention of coming home with me, and I knew how I was going to bring them home; whether it was an after party, playing beerpong, or smoking a hookah, etc. When I talked to girls, I would build our conversation around that, and lead it in the direction of whatever activity I planned on doing with them.

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 Dating game plan
Compare that to when I went out with no game plan. I’d just chit-chat about whatever, ignore opportunities women presented for me, and I’d make no attempt to kiss or take home a girl, etc. In short, I would waste a lot of time bullshitting. Plan ahead, and your success rate with women will skyrocket. You don’t need specifics, but just know what your intentions are and ask yourself how you’re going to get those results. It is proven that if you have something already rehearsed in your mind, you are far more likely to succeed. It’s how I always manage to pull girls home or get the make-out when I have students or visitors with me. Also, make sure that your wingman is aware of your plan in order to eliminate any confusion with groups.

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 Types of common obstacles
We already talked about having a game plan for how you plan on getting the result you want with a girl on that particular night. But at the same time, you need to foresee obstacles, and start planning for them before you even go out. If you’ve been picking-up women for awhile, then you already know what types of common obstacles that you’re going to come across. The problem is that many of you simply don’t plan on them and when they occur, you’re shocked, and don’t really know what to do.

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 Pre-game session
During my entire pre-game session, I ask myself the important questions; Are we going somewhere far away from the apartment?; Do I have any men with me that I might need to get rid of if I leave with a girl?; What am I going to do if a girl wants to leave (alone) but I am the DD for my friends? You will find that you can quickly solve all of these problems as long as you try your best to foresee and come up with solutions to them.

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 Ask yourself these questions
When I ask myself these questions, and my friends see me dealing with obstacles and leaving with women like it’s nothing, it’s simply because I had already came up with solutions to these problems in my mind, so I make it look very effortless. For instance, in the 4-H story, I already knew that a girl might say “How can I trust leaving with you?”, so I instantly knew to say “Hey I’ll give your friends my phone number and let them take a look at my I.D.” or whatever it is that I said. It’s also why if I’m the designated driver, I try to keep an extra $20 in my pocket if I’m trying to leave with a girl alone, so that my friends can get a taxi home and I can leave in my car without them.

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 Final Words
If you see a lot of these problems ahead of time, then things go smoothly when they occur, so you need to be asking yourself these crucial questions ahead of time. Hopefully this post gave you an idea of how a great PUA can make things look so effortless. It’s because we spend the vast majority of our time dealing with minor things that have absolutely nothing to do with the words leaving our mouths.

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